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Photography: Jonathan Andrew

Looking for answers? In the list of questions below, you will find answers to the most asked questions with regards to renting one of our inflatables. Installation, transport, usage, pick-up and drop-off and even the option to purchase, we have it covered here.

If you have a question that this page has not dealt with, please contact us and we’ll be in touch.


Do I need a constant power supply?

All of our inflatables need a continuous power supply. The exact power requirement for each item is stated in its spec sheet. Look for the link on each items page.

What do I get when I rent an inflatable?

We supply as complete a package as possible. In most cases you will receive:

  • Blower(s) with a safety steel cable
  • 200w light bulb if requested
  • A hanging/ rigging solution if required. Either with clamps to attach the inflatable to scaffold or trussing, or steel cables to run to a rigging point
  • Sand bags for ballast if required

How do I install an inflatable?

Our inflatables are very simple to install. In most cases simply follow the steps below:

  • Install the blower in the inflatable
  • Attach the blower to the rigging point/ trussing, or place on the ground
  • Plug in the blower
  • Once inflated make sure the inflatable is secure, tying off extra rigging lines if needed (outside use mainly)
  • Done!

For each individual Item we provide a brief installation manual.

Can Airworks send someone to install the inflatables for us?

Yes, please mention in your request that you would like a quote including installation.

Does Airworks arrange transport?

Inflatables are in most cases relatively small and lightweight to transport when deflated. As such we encourage our customers to arrange transport themselves. However, we can of course arrange the transport if required.

I need the inflatable for an event over the weekend, when can I come and pick them up, and bring them back?

We rent our inflatables per event, based on the idea that the event will be a maximum of one weekend or 2-3 days. As such we will have the items ready for pickup on the Friday and expect to see them back at our studio the following Monday. Our opening hours are on weekdays from 9.30am-5pm

Can I use an Airworks inflatable outside?

Most of our inflatables are suited for inside and outside use, however they need to be carefully secured as described in the installation instructions. If an item is not suitable it will be mentioned on the item page and on the price list.

How noisy are the blowers?

We use different types of blowers which range between 70-90db, this is similar to an air-conditioning system. In most large venues this will be barely noticeable. We have installed inflatables at gala dinners, mediation events without issues. In general we advise the public to be at least 3m from the blowers.

Can I rent lights with the inflatable?

We have several items that can be easily illuminated from within and upon request, we can provide internal lighting. This is, in general, a 200 watt single light bulb which can be installed on the blower. 3rd party lighting units can be rigged inside the inflatables. Ask for more info.

Can I buy the inflatable?

Yes! Most of our rental items are also for sale.

We can also provide you with a quote for an inflatable or your own design. If you are interested in requesting a quote please include the following information:

  • The exact scale
  • The design (drawn in 2d or 3d if possible)
  • The deadline

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

Here the General Terms can be found. You will also receive a digital copy with your quote and invoice.