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Large inflatable white balls

Balls White

Simply stunning! Our large white balls add visual impact and style to any event decor. Beautiful when pure white, lit as colourful glowing orbs or wired up to flash in synch with a DJ.

Hire with Metallic Balls and Coloured Balls to max up an orb theme.

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Giant inflatable white balls are ideal for breaking up large spaces. Add colour and drama by projecting stills and video on to them. Light them from within to create a stunning glowing orb. Connect them to a mixing table to seamlessly synchronise the light with any DJ set.

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Specsheet White Ball 800    Specsheet White Ball 500    Specsheet White Ball 400

Specsheet White Ball 300    Specsheet White Ball 250    Specsheet White Ball 200

Specsheet White Ball 175     Specsheet White Ball 150


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ø 150 cm, ø 175 cm, ø 200 cm, ø 250 cm, ø 300 cm, ø 400 cm, ø 500 cm, ø 800 cm

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