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Inflatable 1.5m Mars and inflatable 2.5m Jupiter

Solar System

Make your party out of this world. Our Solar System includes nine giant planets. All in perfect proportion.

Rent with our Moon for the ultimate planet experience!

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Our inflatable Solar System has nine planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. All are proportionally correct and made from special illuminating fabric.

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Specsheet Solar System – Mercurius          Specsheet Solar System – Pluto

Specsheet Solar System – Mars                   Specsheet Solar System – Earth

Specsheet Solar System – Venus                 Specsheet Solar System – Uranus 

Specsheet Solar System – Neptunes           Specsheet Solar System – Saturn

Specsheet Solar System – Jupiter

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Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercurius, Neptunes, Pluto, Saturnus, Uranus, Venus

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ø 125 cm, ø 150 cm, ø 175 cm, ø 225 cm, ø 250 cm